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We welcome Joan “on board” again and are very fortunate to have her. She has worked in arts management and production for 30 years and is known for developing the film The King’s Speech, having been sent the stage play by writer David Seidler, who adapted the stage play to the iconic film it has become.

A Speech and Language Therapist, with a background as a music scholar and vocal consultant, Joan has worked variously in music, film and television which has led to her primary work editing scripts and screenplays. Three films currently in preproduction are expected to go into production in 2024. Joan was asked to rewrite the screenplay of the film 1242 Gateway to the West, which is due out in early 2024. Her company, Wild Thyme Productions, has toured six innovative productions of Shakes
peare’s plays in the UK and Germany and mounted world premiere showcases and readings of new plays and musicals in London.


A consultant for the BBC, Joan was involved with the Royal Opera House performance of The Little Prince and numerous other well- known productions and projects. Joan has worked on several plays at the National Theatre and toured plays with ATG, PW Productions and the Pleasance Theatre. She recommends scripts to Russian translator colleagues and two plays were produced in Russia until recently, one at the renowned Art Theatre in Moscow.


She is a regular Lecturer/Mentor on the renowned Rocaberti Castle Writers’ Retreats alongside some of the top people in screenwriting. (



In a successful and broad-ranging career as a creative practitioner and arts leader, Abigail’s previous roles include Founder and Artistic Director of Trouble and Strife Theatre Company, and Visiting Fellow in Theatre at Cambridge University. As Artistic Director and CEO of Soho Theatre from 1992 to 2005, Abigail was responsible for building Soho Theatre in Dean Street, and making it a leading commissioning venue, helping launch the careers of writers including Matt Charman, Chris Chibnell, Tanika Gupta, Laura Wade and Amanda Whittington. She is a former CEO of Mountview Theatre School. She was Director of the Jewish Museum for 8 years, during which time it transformed to being hugely successful with their exhibitions winning many awards.


Dame Hilary Mantel, Rosemary Squire OBE, Fay Weldon CBE, Nell Dunn, Nina Bawden CBE, Nell Leyshon, Iqbal Khan, Kenneth Branagh,  Joanne Harris MBE, Alan Brodie, Jenny Seagrove, John Adams,  Pete Gallagher, Sarah Wolfe, Andrew C. Wadsworth, Sophie Ivatts, Rob Cowen and Joan Lane.

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