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……but anything up to and including staged readings are OK. Please read carefully: Stage reading - Wikipedia.  However, if a director has been involved in any type of performance including staged readings of your play, this is considered to constitute unfair input and advantage, and is not acceptable.


Our Award is to encourage new writing. 


What is expressly not allowed is a previous production of a play in the normal sense where there are props, costumes, memorised scripts etc.


The size of the audience doesn't matter, nor whether they have paid to see the play or not.


Plays will be evaluated with firm adherence to our timing guidelines. In order to submit an honest and realistic timing of the play, it is suggested that the writer organize a reading with friends/family, allowing time for any stage directions and long pauses to be included.


A reading speed of one minute per page is a good benchmark.


These performance and publication guidelines apply up to the time when the three winning entries in our competition are staged (early October 2024). There may be a situation where a script has been entered into more than one competition and wins the KBDA prize plus another at the same time. This may result in that script being publicly performed before the KBDA performance. Again, an open dialogue with us resolves this issue.


* Disqualified scripts are not eligible for a refund of the submission fee.


In terms of naming your script please name the file with your script’s title followed with your pin number. You will be asked for this pin when you submit your script as well when you upload your file. To create your pin number please create your own 6-digit numerical number followed with your initials from your first and last name, for example 123456JB where JB stands for Joe Bloggs. So, if your script’s title is “The Bridge” you should name your file “The Bridge 123456JB”.


Please make sure that your title page ONLY has your play title. We cannot accept scripts with any name, contact details, or other identification. This ensures that all scripts are read anonymously. So the actual script should NOT contain personal information but should have the following:


  • Title of play

  • Character List

  • Props List

  • Main script with any stage directions.

  • All pages to be numbered




Scripts can no longer be submitted by hard copy. However, if you are having trouble, or are unable to submit online, please contact us by emailing us on


Scripts should ideally be in pdf form, or failing that the MS Word is acceptable.


Authors will receive an automated reply to confirm receipt of their emailed scripts. 


Authors do not receive feedback with our Readers’ Assessments, or comments about their scripts, unless the script reaches the long list. Writers who reach the long list may request feedback at a later date once the Winner has been announced.


All submissions must arrive by Friday 15th March 2024.


Submission fee is £15 per script. Only one script may be entered per author.


By your submission and payment you are agreeing to these Competition Rules.


You will be asked to complete a form when submitting your script - see Script Guidelines pdf for details.


Should you be one of our three finalists you will be asked to sign our IPR agreement. Please read through the pdf sample below prior to submitting your script as by submitting your script assumes you are in total agreement with this.

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